Creative Engineer – Nico van Haastrecht has been founded to give a flexible and creative answer to the call for simple and creative  solutions for engineering projects in industries and at engineering offices.

Creative Engineer – Nico van Haastrecht is a self employed Professional. The company supplied initially services in the field of Electrical Engineering for industrial electrical installations, specialised in medium voltage and high voltage systems. This, however, has over the course of the years expanded to the following portfolio of services:

Consulting, design and construction management for electrical installations in the industry and energy distribution.

Coaching of Technical Professionals.

Presentor on Engineering for humanity

Design of brochures en flyers.

Consulting and design of simple and easy to use business accounting documents for start-ups.

You can read further in more detail about these at the services page below.


About Nico


I enjoy and embrace life in full, have a great commitment to people and my work and have a firm base in society. I am accurate and overlook the whole with an eye for detail. It is my responsibility to provide the highest possible quality in my work and above all  “Keep things simple” is the motto I hold dear.

By my open and inviting way of communication, by appreciating what is going well and by identifying what hinders communication and collaboration, I am able to create an inspiring environment where everyone feels safe and valued.

My life and work experience, my love for my fellow man and my profession make it an absolute joy to work with me.


Creative Engineer – Nico van Haastrecht is delivering high quality services in the field of Electrical Installations, Coaching and Graphical Designs.


Creative Engineer – Nico van Haastrecht is specialised in Consulting and Design of High Voltage installations in the energy distribution and power generation; High voltage, Low voltage and Instrumentation installations for industrial plants, including Oil & Gas (on and off-shore), Refinery, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Food and Drinking water supply.

The following services are provided by Creative Engineer:

Consulting for new to build or renovation of extensions of existing installations.

Concept, Basic and Detail Engineering and Design.

Construction Management.

Vendor inspection and acceptance tests, FAT and SAT.

Interim Project Engineering/Management.


Creative Engineer – Nico van Haastrecht provides coaching voor Technical Professionals in career issues as:

Support with the change of function or employer.

Assistance in the optimizing of work processes and the functioning of team members in teams.

Guidance and support  on teamwork in projects.


Creative Engineer – Nico van Haastrecht provides graphic designs an develops documents and administration systems for companies and organisations, for example:

Graphic Design of logo’s, flyers, newsletters and project documents.

Flyers for events or presentation of your company.

Consulting and design of simple and easy to use business accounting systems and documents e.g. for time registration, kilometer registration and invoicing.


Thee services offered by Creative Engineer – Nico van Haastrecht  are of a high quality since personal contact is paramount in everything Creative Engineer develops. This is the basis for an enjoyable cooperation where quality is the logical consequence off.

Creative Engineer – Nico van Haastrecht makes clear agreements and discuss these with you as customer. Creative Engineer takes care for regular meetings and clear and transparant progress reporting during the execution phase of the project. This allows any disharmony in the continuity to be timely detected and adjusted in mutual coordination.